Ochheuteal Beach vom Meer aus

Kambodscha: Sihanoukville am Golf von Thailand

Kambodscha Urlaubsvideo vom Ochheuteal Beach in Sihanoukville. Warmes Meer, blauer Himmel und strahlender Sonnenschein, Strandrestaurants, Bars und ein weißer Sandstrand, was will man mehr? Dann noch eine Massage bei den blinden Masseuren von der Seeing Eye Association. Diese Leute haben alle eine professionelle Ausbildung in japanischer Shiatsu Massage, die genauso schön schmerzhaft sein kann wie die Thai-Massage.

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  1. Very safe! Don’t worry about a thing but watch the drugs. We were told that “stoolies” set you up with the stuff and then turn you in to the police. Go to some of the offshore islands for absolute pristine beauty. Have a great time.

  2. no prob. Hope you are going to Siem Riep also. Not only for Angkor Wat but LOTS of fun there. Good restaurants, night life.

  3. I lived in Sihanoukville for 7 years never heard of a single person being set up for drugs. You would really have to go out of your way to have a problem there.

    Cambodia is alot safer than Thailand now a days espically if you are playing with illegal substances. A friend was pulled off a bus in Bangkok and searched they found a couple of joints he went to jail becuase he didn’t have enough cash to “bail himeself out” thousands of dollars and many nights in jail later he got out.

  4. It’s been ten years since I was in Cambodia but this surprises me. They were giving the shyt away when I was there and you had to ask to not have it put on a pizza.

  5. it is so fun to go there on new year’s eve. heap of people will gather to celebrate before new year. teh sky will light up with fireworks. so nice…………..

  6. Thanks for the video Sheila,I’m really interested in visiting Sihanoukville

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